Program for management of projects​

project – f

Optimizing algorithm of work with team of the project

Formation of team of the project by the invitation in the project and tasks of a certain role


Possibility of a appointment from one to several members of team for performance of a task of the project


Possibility of a statement of tasks to each performer in the course of formation of the project and in the course of its realization with use of the various tools available on your computer​


Possibility of a representation of the results of the completed tasks by members of team in the form of text, graphic, audio-and video records for their estimation by the project manager​

The innovative contour of formation of the project​

The thought-over interface for operating by terms and duration of the project, stages and tasks (1, 2, 3, 4)​


The easy and convenient way of a task of communications and priorities of any complexity between problems of a stage based on the logician which is automatically realized programmy in the form of the schedule

Example: try to calculate and construct manually the schedule of the plan of the realization of a stage which represents a complex of the interconnected tasks represented on the lower scheme.​

The author who developed the Project-F spent for 1,5 hours, being quite competent of this question. And what is the time you will spend?​ The program can make this action instantly.​

The original contour of management of the project at its realization​

The most important advantage is automatic recalculation of the terms of interdependent tasks of all project when performing one of tasks during the unplanned period​

The created project​
The project during its realization​


Monthly use in the cloud WebAsyst


The cost of the program for use on your server

The program is registered in the register of computer programs on March 13, 2013 № 2013612743


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